protecting your data

Would you know if your data or organization were being put at risk by the actions of your users?

The fact is that most organizations relying strictly on traditional DLP tools, firewalls, and web filters have a dangerous gap in security.

innerActiv has created a solution that will close your endpoint security gaps by providing innovative and insightful monitoring and analysis of actions happening where other software’s visibility ends. Our policies and investigation move with your workflow, following your employees and your data both on and off-network and protecting your most valuable assets against loss or legal damage. View behavioral trends, compliance statistics, forensic data, user activity metrics, and more in one location, correlated and prioritized in real-time.

innerActiv’s primary goal is in protecting organizations’ endpoints against the rising risk of insider threat and accidental data leakage. While this goal is still very much at the heart of innerActiv’s product,

Our Scope Has Expanded to Include:

  • A robust DLP tool
  • One-of-a-kind productivity analysis tools
  • An infrastructure monitoring module
  • Identity monitoring tools

It all operates on a low-profile endpoint client. Taking feedback from our current clients, industry experts, and the evolving threat landscape, we continue to develop additional features and components to innerActiv in order to create the most comprehensive and user-friendly endpoint protection software available.